Moll White

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Player Name - Jewels H

Current Name - Moll White (Moll rhymes with doll)

Aliases, Known - Malena Waite, Mel Wakefield

Clan - Nosferatu (Status 3)

Age - Confirmed Ancillae, possible Elder

Apparent Age - Early twenties

Appearance - While she does not often appear in open public without some sort of obfuscation, in closed kindred gatherings she lets herself be seen as she is: A slender white woman with traditional tribal tattoos, clearly inked over scar tissue, on her right temple and wrist.

Location - New York City, NY

Students - Currently: Roxanne Notable Past: Felipe Saunier

Information - Moll White travels extensivly and has connections throughout the Eastern Seaboard she calls New York City, NY home and has stood as one of it's Prisci Council for quite some time.

What Moll does exactly is a matter of some debate. Stories speak of a large number of contacts that lets her smuggle virtually anything - objects, products, people. Rumors as to what she's been involved in abound and at times conflict. The most common and cohesive stories hold that she trafficked in anything- kindred transport, foodstuffs, supplies, and weapons for war, spices, priceless artifacts, possibly drugs. There are persistant stories of her trafficing slaves but this conflicts with the stories that she might have been involved in the various underground railroads.

Along with these stories comes the stories of her backing and building many of the naval shipyards throughout the Northeast. Little direct documentation survives to prove this but some of her aliases have been indirectly connected to the Brooklyn yard and possible others. It is clear she has some pull to the sea and over the shipyards or at least the keel owners.

Rumors and Stories

  • Rumor has a familial connection between Cardinal Dirae (and the line Domus Noctis Dirae) and Moll White
  • While the specific details change with every retelling, a horrific tale of destruction follows Moll White around. She, apparently some years ago, lead an attack on an island settlement and destroyed it from the sea with cannon bombardments and then landed and burned the ruins to the ground. The location is unknown, according to the story, either because there were no survivors, or because the few there were never returned and no one ever rebuilt land whispered to be cursed.
  • There was a tattooed lady art dealer in mid-1700's France, Mlle. Talaith, who's said to have had a striking resemblence to what Moll looks like under the obfuscate.
  • Sailors are superstious creatures, but they may have been right when they spoke of a Moenanu, a shadow that hunts sailors. And Vampires might have been right to connect such a creature to Moll White.
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